24Bettle.com is the new online casino brand from Condor Gaming and it’s about to be launched.

This are times for celebrating, and it’s exactly before Christmas, one year after the latest brand b-Bets.com was launched that we announce the pre-opening of our newest brand: 24Bettle.com

24Bettle is not just another online casino, it’s the first world all-out casino competition, so we’re proud it’s us that are making it thrive. This 30-second video shows the concept of this new brand.

The pre-registration is now available for players. This action sets off the competition spirit pitting Facebook against Twitter. Whichever gets more Likes vs. Followers by the time 24Bettle fully launches will win. All players on the winning team will receive 24 Free Spins.

24Bettle not only provides the best in online casino games and sportsbook markets, but also gives players the chance to choose how they want to play and be rewarded. Players can complete achievements and earn valuables in any of four sections: Casual, Hardcore, Allround and Slots. By completing achievements players can increase their level in each section, be rewarded at every step and earn Multipliers to increase the value of those rewards.

Players can switch sections any time, with the Casual section always being active, meaning that they’re rewarded no matter how they decide to play.

The affiliate program for 24Bettle.com will fall under Condor Affiliates and at this time affiliate partners may engage in the pre-launch promotion.

24Bettle.com – Have a bettle day!