About Us

Condor Malta Ltd is a limited company with major experience in the gaming industry, online as well as offline. We have challenged ourselves to move online with a concept which covers all the aspects of a modern, high tech, and friendly to use online casino and gaming platform.

Condor’s team includes many enthusiastic personalities from all over the world. With a central office in Malta and a great control center to offer an amazing gaming experience to our players. Our team members are driven to think out of the box, to be creative and deploy even the wildest ideas; all with one aim… Not to be the biggest in online gaming, but to be the best.

For doing so, we have created a technical team, which is able to think in opportunities, not in problems, which is very dedicated and developed our software in a way that there is always room left for expanding and optimization. We are very proud of our independency towards so many white label solutions that can be found anywhere these days. This way, we have full control of the games integrated through API, the bonuses, incentives and promotions we can offer, the implementation of payment methods and we can go the extra mile for our partners, to make their lives easier as well.

Our team of support members is trained to make just that extra effort which makes it worth to come back. All of these small logical things can only be the minute you have full control over your database, your systems and your servers. And there is always room to extend – the sky is our limit.