The brand new 24Bettle online casino is now live! has officially been launched with the best games from NetEnt, Microgaming and Play’n Go to be enjoyed. Sports betting enthusiasts may also be happy, because 24Bettle offers the best odds.

Thousands of players from all around the globe are now enjoying their No Deposit Free Spins on the brand new game “Glow”; the players that pre registered with their Facebook account are entitled to 24 Free Spins – since Facebook was the winning team on the bettle! But Twitter fans also get 8 Free Spins. After all, sound competition and win-win scenarios is what matter the most for this new brand that will rock the online casino industry.

24Bettle is not just another online casino, it’s the first world all-out casino competition, so we’re proud it’s us that are going to make it fly to the highest hights. We invite you to watch this 30-second video to learn what 24Bettle is all about.

online casino 24Bettle now live

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24Bettle provides the best in online casino games and sportsbook markets – powered by reputed brands such as NetEnt, Microgaming, Play’n Go and Tain. It’s an innovative online casino that gives players total control of their choices, on how they want to play and be rewarded.

Players are dared to complete achievements and earn valuables in any of four sections: Casual, Hardcore, Allround and Slots. By completing achievements they increase their level, and are systematically rewarded at every stepof their casino journey.

Players can switch sections any time, with the Casual section always being active, meaning that they’re rewarded no matter how they decide to play. The affiliate program for is of Condor Affiliates‘ responsability.